Kids Love to Workout!

Many people believe that kids don’t like to workout or that they are easily intimidated by the bar. That could not be further from the truth from my experience. When I was a kid all I ever wanted for Christmas were weights, a bench and whatever the latest ab mechanism was. I wasn’t allowed to play any of the sports I loved (Hockey, Football) because of medical reasons. I needed something to push myself at and show myself what I am capable of. I found that in lifting weights!

I have been on a mission to introduce kids to weights and help show them what they are capable of too. I find this is an even more valuable avenue for kids to go down in the day and age of online and in person bullying we are in. On top of teaching kids how to lift and move properly in the gym I help them realize something the gym taught me when I was growing up. This is rule number one in my gym and my life believe in yourself and you can get through anything!! That could be a weightlifting plateau in the gym or any kind of troubles life presents outside of the gym. This is something often kids need to see to believe. You can talk to them all you want about how strong they are inside and out, but unless they see themselves in action they will still question if they really are that strong. The gym is a chance for them to see it, feel inside and know that no matter what this crazy world ever tries to tell them if they believe in themselves nothing can ever stop them from achieving any kind of goals!

The gym was one of the most valuable tools I could ever have to help guide me through hydrocephalus, epilepsy, asthma and everything else that came with them. Let your kids use this same tool to breakthrough any barriers they have in life!